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Welcome to the Wu(Hao) Taiji (Tai Chi) website, a place for Wu(Hao) practitioners, students, and for everyone who loves the art or would like to learn more about it.

Our mission is to make Wu(Hao) Tai Chi a universal Chinese cultural legacy. We aim to spread Wu (Hao) Tai Chi and make it available to anyone who is interested through the World Wu (Hao) Taijiquan Federation, co-founded by GrandMaster Jimmy K. Wong, one of the presidents.

Tai Chi is the ultimate internal martial art and exercise. It is meditative and an excellent combination of firm and soft movements which helps achieve coordination, self-control, and balance. Tai Chi strengthens the mind and spirit and regulates the central nervous system to relieve stress.

Tai Chi is a preventative exercise for people of all ages. Here at the Wu(Hao) Tai Chi Online Study, we offer extensive online video lessons for you to begin your journey towards a healthier, more balanced way of being. With our online lessons, we offer you the ultimate accessibility of learning Tai Chi anywhere you have internet access. You can learn on your own schedule with your spare time and learn one-on-one with GrandMaster Wong, who is the 6th generation direct lineage of the Wu (Hao) taijiquan. Having our lessons online also enables us to update frequently to always provide you with the latest and greatest material. Alternatively, we offer our lessons on DVDs for you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

The lessons we provide are very extensive and provide everything you need to learn Tai Chi online the CORRECT way. Become a member today and try out our FREE Wu (Hao) 8 Step Online Tai Chi Lesson and see what it can do for you!